We work exclusively on a per-word basis for quoting and invoicing. The only exception is for on hold messages, and already budgeted jobs.
The per-word system is far more transparent, and helps you to work out how much it will cost for us to voice your project. There are different rates for different projects – an eLearning piece could be anywhere from 500 words to 4,000 words, while a TV or radio commercial will be far less.

We’ve also brought in a revision rate, so that if there are changes or fixes to the original, we charge you at a lesser rate.

To obtain a copy of our latest rates, please call the office on 1300 669 225 during business hours, and speak to Jason or Paul. We have a rate card available in PDF or Word format that we can send to you, or alternatively email you a quote/estimate.


Trading And Payment Terms

  • Invoices are generated upon delivery of the voice over – either for small jobs or multiple modules/jobs.
  • GST is end-charged on invoices.
  • 21 day payment terms.
  • Direct deposit is preferred, but cheques can also be used.



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