Almost every day around Australia, there's a conference running - and we can be there to capture it for you.   Whether you're looking for whole-day/multi-day coverage, highlights-only or something else, we can customise it for you.

We utilise multi camera coverage so that nothing gets missed.

We can also record participant vox pops, cover any attached expos, and mingle in the crowds at social gatherings (because you have to let your hair down !).


Our crew is nimble, unobtrusive, and we liase with the your or the venue audio visual technicians to make sure we capture the audio and any other media every time.  We then turn that into a highlights video for social media or post-marketing.

Client include Ford Motor Company Of Australia, Genysys and International Lash Masters Association amongst others.

Expos are a great way to show the world a service or product, and we can be there to capture the buzz of the crowd, interview participants and again, produce a highlight video that showcases everything.