• Paul Seidel

Welcome To A New Year !

So, after another spin of the wheel, the year's changed and we're back into the swing of things again !

So this year, we're looking ahead to provide even more eLearning narrations to developers around Australia and beyond, and will be visiting LearnX in Brisbane in February - this time as participants, as opposed to exhibitors in 2014. We're looking to see where the latest trends are heading in the new year, and a lot of it seems to be geared towards VR (Virtual Reality), and voice still plays a strong part in that, it's just that the vision accompanying it has taken a step up, and is far more interactive.

We use the latest audio gear and software that has multitudes of abilities to make your audio sound even better. This year, we're maintaining our quick turnarounds, quick quotes, and constant communication - you'll never be in the dark about your job, and if you're new to Big Mouth Media, we'll answer (or return !) your call quickly - we all know how frustrating it is to call a company and have them 'forget' you and never get back to you - not us.

Our voice talent consistently provide amazing quality work that have made developers happy everywhere - we have a broad range of ages/types/genders to work with, not to mention Big Mouth Media founder Paul Seidel - a voice artist for over 15 years !

Also, this year, we're expanding our video production business Big Mouth Media Digital and if you're looking at incorporating video into your eLearning course, we can talk to you about that so you get an all in one point of contact.

Our hours in 2019 are 8:30am - 6pm Monday to Friday, and with the exception of public holidays Australia-wide, we're available - and if we're away from the studio, can still record with a high quality off-site kit so you don't miss out.

Talk to you soon !

Paul Seidel & Jason Hedges

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