• Paul Seidel

Acronyms, Slashes and More !

It's an obscure title - but it'll make sense as you read on.

One of the biggest issues in the eLearning voice over industry is scriptwriting. The script between the client, the developer and the talent is usually untouched for most of the way.

Which, by rights, should make it easier for the talent to just print it off (or read off an iPad, as we do - saves paper !), voice it and you're done.

There's a slight hitch - usually the initial script is written by a technical writer, who is making sure all of the salient points are covered for the topic at hand - and of course, being a voice talent, it's not our job to change it as we're not familiar with the subject matter.

The technical writer is writing for the end product (and often transcriptions/captions), but forgetting one simple thing - jargon.

By this, I mean that a script may read (it's all fictional !):

"The basic FRY concept is one that has been followed for decades within the company"

That's all well and fine, but is it F-R-Y or FRY (like the word) ? It might seem cut and dried, but there can be subtle differences along the way. For example - NAB Bank in Australia is often referred to as N-A-B, although it has been heard and seen as NAB in marketing materials.

Also, unusual surnames can be a tricky one for a voice artist - without a pronunciation guide, they are often second-guessing what it might be, and having to return to check can sometimes slow the process down of delivering voice over in a timely manner.

The other unusual one that crops up is the "/" (slash) symbol. Often you see it as:

"You can refer to the Parent / Teacher handbook for more info"

It can often be referred to as "Parent (pause) Teacher", but it can also be referred to as "Parent or Teacher".

So, as you can see - it takes some adjustment from the scriptwriting side to have clarity for the voice artist, and help make the process more streamlined !

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