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Our Latest Audio Specifications

As a media company, we’re aware that not everybody has the same requirements for their audio delivery, especially when it comes to eLearning software.

We are now sending all of our MP3 files at 320kpbs (kilobits per second) in mono – which, in layman’s terms, means that a voice track will have more digital ‘space’ to get you the best sound possible, PLUS if you choose to re-edit those tracks, you have that ‘space’ to edit and export it again without losing quality.

The recent stories going around about the 'death' of MP3 won't affect what we do and how you get your audio. There are other formats like AIFF but they're not very commonplace.

We also can send WAV files, although they tend to be quite large if it’s a bigger project. Some eLearning software packages ONLY work with WAV, some can handle both – we’re flexible.

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