• Paul Seidel

Welcome To Our Newest Staff Member

Often in a company, when you get a new staff member on board, there's a bit of chatter amongst the other employees before the dust settles.

Well, in this case, there's been a bit of barking. Huh ?

Our newest staff member is a dog (well, she's technically a puppy for a while longer !). Her name is Wattle, and she's a Springador - Springer Spaniel and Labrador.

She's also a member of Australian Border Force's Detector Dog Program, and we are her foster carers until December 2018. It's our job to socialise her, get her used to unusual things, loud noises, different locations - and she's a little scamp, not to mention pretty cute and small...for now.

Here she is with Jin and Vana (the senior staff !)

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